The best time of the year to make some quick sales is around the holidays, and black Friday is no exception. Every local business should have some type of promotion for black friday, that is if they want more sales. Listen to episode 011 to learn how to grab your share of the holiday!


Episode 011

Who else here has Black Friday as one of their most favorite days of the year? To most Americans, this day is one of those that many look forward to, especially those who are excited about scoring great deals and discounts for shopping. This is exactly why as marketers and business owners, you should leverage Black Friday to add revenue to your bottom line. Not sure how?

Michael Tasner, CEO and founder of No Joke Marketing, shares in this podcast episode how to strategize and come up with an amazing offer difficult for anyone to ignore on a Black Friday. Listen to the rest of this Marketing Above All episode and learn how to drive insane amounts of revenue to your business with our fool-proof marketing techniques!


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