Episode 014 : The riches are in your list – Local Email Marketing

Many people have said that email marketing is dying a slow death. While some local businesses are struggling with email marketing, others are dominating. Your email lists and contact lists are gold, if used correctly. Episode 014 will teach you how to become a local email marketing expert!
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If you own a small business, you might be wondering whether or not email marketing is for you and if it’s something you can leverage to grow your business. The answer is YES! Email marketing may have its highs and lows but today, Michael Tasner, CEO and founder of No Joke Marketing, explains to us today that email marketing is definitely an excellent way to engage and reach your audience.

He also shares what to do with email, the tools you need to use and the right frequency of sending emails. By the end of this podcast episode, you’ll learn that email marketing is no way dead and that it’s a strategy you need to try out ASAP to drive revenue to your business.

Tune in to this episode of the greatest marketing podcast, Marketing Above All and learn how you can start taking action with email marketing to help grow your business.

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