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Episode 219: Your Marketing Gauges

While there are lots of marketing metrics that you can track, there are only a few metrics that give the story and how your business is doing. In episode...

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Episode 218: What to do if there are no live events

If your business relies heavily around conferences, trade shows and local events now is the time to pivot your marketing. Tune into episode 218 to learn how you can...

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Episode 217: How to Exude Confidence to Your Customers

As businesses continue to reopen across the country, now is the time to put your best foot forward. In order to make sure that your customers come back swiftly,...

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Episode 216: The #1 Reason Small Businesses Fail

After studying hundreds of businesses that had to close over the last six months they had a lot of things in common, actually about five things in common. In...

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Episode 215: To Post or Not To Post

With everything going on across the United States a lot of businesses are taking a stand or putting out content about their thoughts. In episode 215 I lay out...

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Episode 214: Audience segmentation strategies to help boost your business

Today’s episode will discuss audience segmentation strategies to help with business growth. Learn how you can make sure your messages are not just annoyances and how to heavily segment...

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Episode 213: Your Marketing Sucks

Let’s face it, you are not bringing our A game when it comes to your marketing efforts. If you knew that the survival of your business depended on your...

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Episode 212: The odds are NOT in your favor

The failure rate of small businesses is dismal. I have been studying what drives businesses under and the results were shocking. Tune into episode 212 to learn how to...

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Episode 211: How Connected Are You to Your Audience?

With everything going on across the country, your audience is looking for connection. If you want to start to drive more customers the level of connection you need to...

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Episode 210: How to Protect Your Words & Images

After protecting your company name, there are a few other areas you want to secure and protect. Tune into episode 210 to learn about trademarks, patents and copyrights.

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