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Episode 011 : Capitalizing on Black Friday

The best time of the year to make some quick sales is around the holidays, and black Friday is no exception. Every local business should have some type of promotion for black friday, that is if they want more sales. Listen to episode 011 to learn how to grab your share of the holiday!  ...

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Episode 010 – Growing Your Local Business With YouTube

Youtube.com is the second largest search engine on the planet, and the perfect place to market and advertise your business. This episode will give you tips and tactics to get up and running quickly and to start getting new eyeballs on your business.   Episode 010 Gone are the days when people would switch on...

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Episode 009 – Proactive Customer Service

The toughest part in business is generating new customers, but you can’t stop there. Far too often, when you get a new customer your focus shifts to getting the next customer and forgets about the sale that just happened. Disney is the epitome of offering amazing service to their customers and anticipating every possible need....

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Episode 008 : What can you do to increase revenue and create a quick and happy customer journey from sale #1

EPISODE 008 Regardless of your product or service, finding opportunities to upsell or offer something on top of what a customer purchases can benefit your business in more ways than one. Not only does it help generate more revenue for your business but it also helps strengthen your relationship with your customers so that they...

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Episode 007 : Stickyness: How to get customers to keep coming back

Have you been to big coffee chains and thought to yourself why you always go back there? Whether it’s because of their service, their products, or the atmosphere, find out how to keep your customers keep coming back and patronizing your business.   EPISODE 007 If you’re a business owner, you certainly understand the importance...

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Episode 006 : Helping other businesses grow with no-cost Partnerships

Ever heard of “affiliates”? Find out how small and big enterprises alike can help each other even without shelling out cash.   EPISODE 006 Joint ventures or strategic partnership aren’t uncommon in the world of business. In fact, it is one of the things we often see small and large businesses do – to pool...

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Episode 005 : How important are client follow-ups?

So you’ve got leads, what do you have to do after that? Following-up is almost always being neglected by business owners and this affects your momentum. Find out how to do effective follow-up on clients.   EPISODE 005 If you are a local business owner, one of the questions you probably have asked over and...

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Episode 004 : Keeping your clients through the use of CRM

“How do I leverage CRM as a local business owner?” It doesn’t matter because you’re looking to attract businesses and have the need to retain them. In this episode, Michael will help you understand the uses of CRM and how it can help you grow your business in ways you never imagined!   EPISODE 004...

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Episode 003 : Targeting audiences through Local Geofencing

What if there was a way to run targeted ads to potential customers based on where they visited? Think about that for a minute. You can run ads to people that visit your competitors and try and legally steal them back. Geofencing is an amazing way to grow your local business stealthy! EPISODE 003 Like...

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Episode 002 : How to Grow Your Business NOW

One of the top questions I get asked is “What can I do now to grow my business?” and “How can I drive revenue almost immediately?” While the answer really depends on the type of local business you have there are a handful of tactics I will teach you to add $$ to your top...

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