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Episode 017 : Honing in on step one for your prospects

How many different calls to action do you have across your marketing messages? Are you asking them to call, email, check your social media out, stop in? The key...

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Episode 016: How much should I invest in Marketing?

The number one question that I get asked relates to budgets. Local businesses want to know how much they should invest in marketing each month, each year, even each...

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Episode 015 : What do you want to be known for?

If you were to take a step back and think about your local business, what word or phrase do you want to own? The chances are high that whatever...

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Episode 014 : The riches are in your list – Local Email Marketing

Many people have said that email marketing is dying a slow death. While some local businesses are struggling with email marketing, others are dominating. Your email lists and contact...

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