In this inaugural episode, I share with you why this is the most important time in history to be marketing your business. I will also let you get to know me a bit more and frankly why you should listen to me (essentially my street cred). I also explain the concept behind No Joke Marketing and all the amazing things I have in store for you that will start adding 0’s to your bottom line rapidly. Join me on this journey together.



Why Marketing Above All?

In this episode, Michael Tasner talks about how everything starts with marketing, how it helps a business stand the test of time and why it is the one and only solution every thriving small business needs. Here, he shares how marketing can ultimately help entrepreneurs generate cash, which is the bloodline of every business.

Michael started his very own company when he was 14 years old. He built his own company, MST designs where he built his very first website and earned money from it. And this was just the beginning; just the very first step on the path that paved the way to his current success in the world of digital marketing with his company, No Joke Marketing.

Michael believes that taking marketing seriously can help change not only your business but also your life. Listen to this episode and learn how to rise up and make a difference with the one and only thing every business needs – marketing.

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