Have you ever heard the running marketing joke that businesses say? It goes something like 50% of my marketing is working 50% isn’t. If only I could figure out the 50% that is working, I’d be rich. Proper tracking solves this. Before you start to deploy any new marketing you need to make sure you have all the right tracking in place. That means tracking codes, landing pages, phone numbers and more to track your return (or lack of it). Tracking first.



In this episode of Marketing Above All, Michael shares the one fundamental tactic that local business owners need to nail down in order to succeed – and that is tracking. So why tracking? According to Michael, one of the most common mistakes many local business owners make is the so-called “hope marketing” and it’s called as such because they’d do all sorts of marketing stuff and and yet they’re unable to track progress. They can’t pinpoint what’s working and what’s not until they’re left with no option but to close down the business when it’s no longer profitable. And that’s the last thing you want to happen.

What you would want is to be able to identify what strategies will move potential customers into becoming a real customer. What you would want to learn is what marketing tactics will make your business thrive the most. But these things will not be possible if you’re not tracking. Learn how to stay on top of your business and move it to the right direction by listening to Marketing Above All’s episode where Michael shares insights about “tracking”.

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