Episode 003 : Targeting audiences through Local Geofencing

What if there was a way to run targeted ads to potential customers based on where they visited? Think about that for a minute. You can run ads to people that visit your competitors and try and legally steal them back. Geofencing is an amazing way to grow your local business stealthy!


Like every other business owner out there, there’s one goal that you would want to ultimately achieve and that is to build a better business and a better life.

Because Michael Tasner shares the same goal for you, in this episode of Marketing Above All, he shares the one tactic that very few local businesses are leveraging and that is called “geo fencing”. To help you picture out what geo fencing means, just imagine putting up a virtual fence around an area. But to learn how you can leverage and maximize this tactic, be sure to to tune in to the rest of this Marketing Above All episode.

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