So you’ve got leads, what do you have to do after that? Following-up is almost always being neglected by business owners and this affects your momentum. Find out how to do effective follow-up on clients on today’s episode of Marketing Above All!



If you are a local business owner, one of the questions you probably have asked over and over again is “what do I need to do to keep growing?”. Today, in this episode of Marketing Above All, Michael Tasner, founder of No Joke Marketing, shares the secret.

Everybody wants to find out what that secret ingredient is; that one tactic that is most neglected by many business owners. It’s your “follow up game”.  Today, you will learn about why you need to do follow up, how to do it and how to level it up in such a way that it creates an impact to your bottom line as quickly as possible.

Tune in to this episode of Marketing Above All and learn everything you need to know about using this strategy to grow and effectively market your business.

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