Some businesses just have the stickiness factor to the point where customers make it a habit to visit that business on a daily, weekly or monthly basis.Whether it’s because of their service, their products, or the atmosphere, once you have the stickiness factor it’s tough to lose it. Find out how to keep your customers coming back and patronizing your business in this episode. Want access to the show notes and other freebees? Visit



If you’re a business owner, you certainly understand the importance of being a “sticky company” because you know this means your brand resonates with your audience and that your products and services have made an impact to your customer enough to keep them coming back. But if you haven’t given it much thought, this episode of Marketing Above All will teach you how you can apply it to your business marketing.

Listen in as Michael Tasner, founder and CEO of No Joke Marketing, shares in this podcast how you can make your business a little bit “stickier”, drive value and ultimately lead them to stay and never leave.

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