Episode 012 : Postcard Marketing – The Do’s and Don’ts

While most businesses are focusing all their efforts on digital, adding offline marketing to the mix will help keep you a step above. One of the quickest ways to execute some offline marketing is by using podcards. The problem is that almost every postcard campaign fails. Listen to this episode to make sure your campaign doesn’t flop! Want access to the show notes and other freebies? Visit www.marketingaboveall.com.


In a digitally-dominated world we live in, more and more businesses rely on online marketing to market their business. But while digital marketing definitely produces promising results, there are some offline marketing strategies that definitely work, and today, that’s exactly what you will learn from this podcast episode.

Michael Tasner, CEO and founder of No Joke Marketing, shares today what postcard marketing is about and why you should leverage it to drive more revenue to your local business. Tune in and listen to this wonderful episode of Marketing Above All and get bits and pieces of helpful information that will help you become the best marketer you can be!

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