If you were to take a step back and think about your local business, what word or phrase do you want to own? The chances are high that whatever you first come up with is too generic. This episode will teach you how to really hone in on that category or phrase to put your local business in a league of its own! Want access to the show notes and other local marketing tools? Visit www.marketingaboveall.com.



As a local business owner, you know the importance of getting your business known out there so people are aware about the products and services you offer. However, if your goal is to drive revenue and ensure your business’ profitability, you have to aim for something greater and something that’s beyond the recognition and it is to be known as an expert at what you do and offer and own it.

In this podcast episode, Michael Tasner, CEO and founder of No Joke Marketing, highlights the importance of being able to differentiate yourself, build your branding, become the expert in your niche so you can claim a space as your own.

Tune in to this episode of Marketing Above All for more helpful insights you can use to drive more sales to your business, grow it and make it successful!

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