The toughest part in business is generating new customers, but you can’t stop there. Far too often, when you get a new customer your focus shifts to getting the next customer and forgets about the sale that just happened. Disney is the epitome of offering amazing service to their customers and anticipating every possible need. Is your business doing the same?



The importance of creating a positive customer experience in building your brand as a business cannot be emphasized further. When you focus on making sure your customers are satisfied with your products and services, you are also earning their loyalty, and that’s exactly what you will learn today from this podcast episode.

In this episode, Michael Tasner, CEO and founder of No Joke Marketing, shares the importance of driving a better, frictionless experience for your customers. He also emphasizes the value of using a proactive than a reactive approach to anticipate what your customers need.

Tune in and listen to the rest of this episode of the greatest marketing podcast, Marketing Above All.

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