My favorite tactic for helping businesses grow is by putting together a robust mobile marketing strategy. The first piece in mobile marketing is crafting a strategy to collect and market to your prospects and customers using text messages. Episode 013 gives you the play by play strategy to get up and running, fast. Want access to the show notes and other local marketing tools? Visit



Living in a world dominated by technology offers business owners more and more venues and platforms to market their business and if there’s one strategy you shouldn’t overlook, it’s mobile marketing. So why mobile marketing?

In this podcast episode, Michael Tasner, CEO and founder of No Joke Marketing, shares why you should leverage mobile marketing, particularly SMS and MMS marketing in growing your business. He also shares interesting examples on how you can tap on this marketing strategy in achieving business success.

Tune in and listen to the rest of this Marketing Above All episode for more helpful and effective marketing tactics you can’t afford to miss!

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